Stoney Crest Regrind Service Inc.
Phone: (989) 777-7190
​T​oll Free 800-332-3479
* End mills -
​finish and roughing, tapered, ball end, radius, carbide and high speed steel.

* Milling Cutters -
​plain, side, shell, angle and slab, straight or staggered tooth. Slitting & slotting saws.

* Drills -
​standards, helical, raycon, bickford, split, four facet, brad point, and high performance points, spade drills, center drillls, step drills, Core Drills,

​* Misc.-
​slitting & slotting saws, taps, countersinks, counter bores, reamers, rotorbits and unibits.

                     Special Form Cutters  - Keyway Cutters  -  Chamfer Tools  

​​         Counter Bores  -
Carbide & High Speed Steel Burrs  -  Rotor Broaches 

​​   Gear Hobbs  - Cold Cut Blades  ​- -
Porting Tools  -  Brazing & Silver Solder   

 ​​Industrial Coatings -  New Tooling

    Specializing in Custom or Special Tooling 
    ​   designed from your exact specifications or print

You may be discarding thousands of dollars of used tooling that our highly skilled machinists could restore at a fraction of the cost of new tooling.