Stoney Crest Regrind Service Inc.
6243 Dixie Hwy • Bridgeport, MI 48722
Phone: 1-800-332-3479 or 1-(989)-777-7190 Fax: 1-(989)-777-2860

Custom or Special Tooling- designed from your exact specifications or print.

Special Form Cutters

End Mills- Finish and roughing, tapered, ball end, and radius. Carbide and high speed steel.

Don't discard thousands of dollars of tooling that our highly skilled machinists could restore at a fraction of the cost of new tooling. Stoney Crest Regrind Service provides quality, service, and delivery with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Stoney Crest regrind Service has been in business since 1979. We specialize in tool and cutter grinding of carbide, high-speed steel, and cobalt. We grind regular cutting tools, out of the ordinary cutting tools and standards and special tooling to your print. We offer industrial coatings such as Tin, tinc, and tialn coatings. Stoney Crest also manufactures and distributes Stoney Crest Carbide Tooling and are distributors for Production Tool.

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